The Flannery Group's marketing services offer our clients a choice of options for every event on their schedule. We don't provide one-size-fits-all options that won't meet the needs or the budgets of our clients.

From the initial consultation to project execution, the professionals at The Flannery Group will work closely with you to identify your needs. Then we tailor a solution that is right for your company's event and budget.

The Flannery Group offers a myriad of marketing services. Clients can select from our product lines to custom-created solutions that work for their company. The Flannery Group is your partner in event design, planning, implementation and management.
The Flannery Group can turnkey every phase of the event or work in conjunction with your company's existing suppliers.

Event Design

The Flannery Group can help you to establish goals for your event marketing program that are specific and measurable and we can assist you in selecting the events that will enable your company to achieve those goals. We can handle every aspect of the event planning including theme development, pre-event advertising, live presentations, press releases and other promotional programs that will deliver your company's message with impact.

Whatever your event, The Flannery Group can provide expertise in all aspects of:

  • Exhibit Rentals or Properties Management
  • Vendor Coordination & Management

Event Management

Event Management is a very crucial part of tradeshows and events and managing shows and events requires skilled and knowledgeable professionals.
The Flannery Group has an experienced team of event managers to assist companies in delivering marketing programs. Our event manager works closely with internal marketing groups to take programs from concept to reality. Our manager assumes the day to day pressures of planning events allowing the internal staff to work on multiple programs. Our managers will manage all the preshow activities from scheduling meetings to working with all internal and external groups and vendors.

Our event management is not limited to preshow management, we also provide onsite management services, managing onsite vendors and services such as Drayage, Electrical, I&D, Rigging and any other services that may be required.

Financial Services

The Flannery Group provides financial services to assist in the planning and reconciliation of programs and events. Events are a costly marketing tools and require a lot of time and effort to manage all the expenses associated with them. The Flannery Group offers our customers two solutions to assist with these tasks.

Option 1

The Flannery Group will supply a preshow estimate of services based on predetermined show needs. The client pays the Flannery Group a one time payment of estimated event costs. The Flannery Group will pay all service providers and vendors needed to deliver the event including, Drayage, Electrical, Cleaning Rigging, and any other that are needed. The Flannery Group pays close attention to preshow deadlines to receive all prepay discounts. At the conclusion of each event the Flannery Group will complete a full event reconciliation and a final cost will be applied to the prepayment. This service is provide at a nominal predetermined percentage of total services.

Option 2

The Flannery Group will provide financial services of paying all preshow orders for client events including, Drayage, Electrical, Cleaning, and all other costs to ensure all preshow discounts are applied. The Flannery Group will use company funds to secure all preorders at the conclusion of each event. The Flannery Group will reconcile the total event and invoice with a percentage for using the Flannery Group funds.