The Flannery Group offers a wide range of support products for rental in the trade show environment. We offer specialized pricing for rental equipment to clients who are utilizing multiple services within each event.

Exhibit Rental

• Custom exhibit rentals from 10x10 linear and larger island configurations.
• Pop-up exhibit systems designed for 10x10 and 10x20 configurations.
• Rent to own custom exhibits designed and built to client specification with costs amortized over multiple events.

Rental Equipment

• Flat Panel Monitors.
• Specialty theatrical lighting
• Lighting trusses for both theatrical lighting and booth decor.

Quick Ship Program

The Flannery group "Quick Ship" program is targeted towards tier 3 events, and usually includes 10x10 and 10x20 pop-ups booths. These shows are just as important as the larger events but typically don¹t receive the marketing support they need. The Flannery Group has put together the "Quick Ship" program to provide all the needed support to deliver multiple small events within multiple marketing and sales organizations. The Flannery Group has setup the program to manage client-owned exhibits, which include storage, inventory, maintenance, and pull and preps. The Flannery Group also provides show kit administration and financial service to make the program completely turnkey