Expand Quickscreen 1

The world's first, retractable, banner stand display!
Since making its debut in 1997, the Expand QuickScreen 1 set the standard for retractable banner stands. Although many roll-up displays may look similar, they pale in comparison to Expand's quality. The compact shape and timeless design allows the Expand QuickScreen 1 to fit into almost every environment. The Expand QuickScreen 1 is available in both black and silver.

  • The original retractable banner stand display
  • Simple, timeless design 
  • Clamp profile for quick and simple graphic mounting 
  • Foldable support foot to ensure stability 


Expand Infinita System

Lightweight fabric frame system with endless configurations and designs

This aluminum display system is designed to allow for endless  shapes and configurations to meet the needs of your product or event space.  As you can see in the images to the left, the layouts can be simple or more complex and can include accessories like product shelves, monitors, brochure holders or presentation podiums.

The graphic panels are printed on fabric with a dye-sublimation process and a thin silicone strip sewn directly into its edges.  This silicone strip is designed to fit in the grove of the aluminum framework to produce a seamless mural that is completely smooth and wrinkle free.  Our dye-sublimation graphics have fantastic color output, lightweight, easy to install, wrinkle and stain resistant and can even be washed if they become dirty.

Many of the standard kits pack down into a shipping case (or two) with wheels and can be transported in the back of a vehicle or  easily shipped with most major carriers.
The Expand InfinitaSystem is perfect for semi-permanent or long term installations and most configurations can be set up in an hour or two with a simple allen wrench.

  • Semi-permanent
  • Endless configurations
  • Modular display
  • Lightweight



Expand Link Wall

A revolutionary design of the traditional banner stand

This highly flexible and reusable wall is a perfect investment to be used for different occasions and locations.  The user can easily make it smaller or larger depending on space and bend it to different shapes to fit the event space.

Change the size of the mural by simply adding or removing panels to better fit your environment.  It can be used as a straight wall on one occasion, and thanks to the flexible panels, an S-Shape, L-Shape or Serpentine on other occasions. This display can also be used double-sided or divided into smaller walls when needed.

The unique floating design of this panel system insures for a straight installation on an unlevel floor, up to a 3/4” height change between bases.

The Expand LinkWall is extremely light and portable thanks to its aluminum construction.  It is designed so that it can be set up by one person and without tools.  To transport the Expand LinkWall, simply pack it into the Expand PodiumCase, and wheel it away.  Spotlights are also available to illuminate your message.

  • Variable shapes
  • Variety of sizes
  • Endless possibilities
  • Quick set up


Small Event, Big Impact - 10'x10' Displays

  • Compact and easy to ship 10x10 kits with lightweight, foldable fabric graphics
  • All configurations are complete, no extra parts needed and no hidden costs
  • Simple, streamlined set-up. Smart and easy-to-follow instructions using only one or zero tools
  • Wide range of accessories available, including shelves, brochure racks, lights, monitor mounts and more

Size: 10' wide, 20" deep, 8' high
Weight: 117 lbs.
Ships in: 1 Flat Case with wheels and 1 Expand PodiumCase
*stool and flooring not included

Hardware + Graphics + (2) LED Spotlights + (2) 50 Watt Spotlights

Size: 10' wide, 10' deep, 8' high
Weight: 133 lbs.
Ships in: 1 Flat Case with wheels
*flooring not included

Hardware + Graphics + 3 LED Spotlights

Size: 10' wide, 27" deep, 8' high
Weight: 220 lbs.
Ships in: 2 Flat Cases with wheels
*monitor, bench and flooring not included

Hardware + Graphics + 2 LED Spotlights