Multiple shows can mean multiple booth properties, equipment, products and literature. Managing your company's assets is a time consuming task. That's why The Flannery Group offers turnkey asset management to their clients.

Exhibit Rental

The Flannery Group offers total turnkey asset management that includes client-owned exhibitory, demo equipment, product, graphics, literature, etc. You name it and we'll store, inventory, and manage it for you!

How does asset management work? The Flannery Group stores your company's demo equipment, product, and/or literature right with the exhibit. When planning the logistics of a show or several shows, they are able to pull needed assets from inventory and ship it right along with the booth properties, ensuring that everything arrives together at the show.

We maintain an inventory of your assets, increasing your peace of mind, while guaranteeing that your company's valuable assets are being stored safely. Your company's field offices can access the on-line inventory, which is password protected, to check on availability of items needed for an upcoming show.

Utilizing The Flannery Group's asset management services also makes show set-up and breakdown easier, as The Flannery Group's on-site Event Manager will take on the responsibility for breakdown, repacking and shipment of all of the properties, allowing your personnel to return from an event in record time!

After the event, The Flannery Group will provide a post-event inventory recap, a properties inspection and a damage report, if necessary. This measure ensures that any products requiring repair will be addressed prior to the next show.

For information on ways in which our asset management capabilities can help your company or to request a consultation, click here.